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The ARE-24 – Industrial Rice Cooker is a must have for any large rice production lines. With a cooking capacity of up to 288 Kg of rice an hour with its economical design means you also save power.


ARE-24 – Industrial Rice Cooker

The ARE-24 – Industrial Rice Cooker is one of the best in it’s category, thanks to it’s carbon heaters. The combination of both the carbon heaters and the square black teflon coated rice pots the thermal efficiency reaches 70%. It’s continuous rice cooking method helps you to cook large amounts of rice without having to keep turning your machine off and on. the carbon heaters turn themselves off when they detect that there is no pot to heat, this helps to save energy consumption. This machine is capable of cooking up to 288 Kg of sushi rice an hour.

Production Capacity

ARE-24 = 144 Kg
ARE-35 = 210 Kg
ARE-48 = 288 Kg


ARE-24 = W370 X 110 X 120 cm
ARE-35 = W510 X 110 X 120 cm
ARE-48 = W675 X 110 X 120 cm

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