GST-ENC+PNS-GTC – ONigiri Wrapper – Suzumo

The GST-ENC+PNS-GTC – ONigiri Wrapping Robot is a fully automatic robot destined to be part of a large production line, this machine can produce and wrap up to 1,800 pieces an hour.


GST-ENC+PNS-GTC – ONigiri Wrapper

The GST-ENC+PNS-GTC – ONigiri Wrapper does every step from the forming to the wrapping without any effort at all. The rice ball is delicately moulded before being sent to the filling process, after this the chef puts filling into the rice ball for it all to be formed and wrapped. This machine can produce up to 1,800 wrapped Onigiri in just one hour without losing quality at any stage. A very simple design will allow you to dismantle, clean and reassemble without losing time. This machine is made to be part of a large production line.


Production Capacity

1,000 – 1,800 pieces per hour


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