OAC-240 – Rice Cooler – AIHO

Aiho brings to you their brand new rice cooling machine. With a cooking capacity varying from 40 to 80 pots an hour(240 to 480 Kg) this machine is greatly appreciated in a full rice production line.


OAC-240 – Rice Cooler and  mixer – AIHO

The OAC-240 – Rice Cooler from AIHO is a belt type rice cooler and mixer that has been designed to cool down large amounts of shari to the exact temperature without consuming too much electricity. It’s mixing and cooling capacity is a total of up to 80 pots an hour, using 6 Kg pots that means 480 Kg of cooked shari, mixed and cooled without effort by this belt cooler.

The belt AIHO have used for this machine has been made out of a newly developped resin that is harder to wear away making it very long lasting. Combined with the new belt also comes the simplicity of cleaning this machine, this rice mixer and cooler has been designed to be easy to clean and maintain without you having to spend your entire life in the kitchen cleaning your robot.
This machine can be inbuilt into a full rice cooking line to be used at it’s full potential.


Min : W310 x D127 x H162 cm
Max :W330 x D130,5 x H200,5 cm
Min : W122" x D50" x H36,7" inches
Max : W130" x D51" x H78,7" inches

Temperature after cooling


Cooling Capacity

40 to 80 pots an hour

Water Drainage Interface

40 A

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