Set of 5 Sushi Shari Trays for Blue Box

These Japanese Sushi Shari Trays are perfect to keep your Sushi rolls and Nigiris at the perfect temperature.

Easy to clean, very durable, stackable and very affordable!

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Set of 5 Sushi Shari Trays for Blue Box

The shari tray for the blue shari boxes are the handiest thing you could have in your kitchen. You can stack them in your shari box to store nigiri rice balls, you can also store sushi rolls in them.

Their clever design makes sure that when you store nigiris or sushi rolls your products are not damages or squashed but at the same time they do not move if transported over short distances.

They are made from a special resin, the same used to make certain parts of AUTEC machines making their cleaning very easy.

Weight 0.700 kg

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