Shari Container and Tray – Consumables

Shari Container and Tray, keep the original condition (36.5 degrees Celsius) of rice. It is hygienic, shock-resistant and easy to clean.


Shari Container and tray, are important objects to make the best sushi tasting.
Indeed, it is crucially to keep the rice in perfect condition. The use of these tools, produces better quality sushi rice.
Because, the container and tray keep the original condition (36.5 degrees Celsius) of rice.
By comparaison, many Korean sushi restaurants, serve cold and firm sushi(rice) to customers.


Polyethylene with an antibacterial agent

Capacity of container

300 shari(rice)

Capacity of Tray

60 shari(rice) on one tray

Size container

48,3cm x 37,3cm x 25,6xm

Size tray

37cm x 30cm x 3,1cm

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