SRM W – Continuous Maki Machine – Fujiseiki

The SRM W continuous maki machine is a mass production machine destined to be part of a full sushi preparing line. Producing up to 10000 small traditional sushi an hour this machine is one of the best in its category.


SRM W – Continuous Maki Machine

The SRM W continuous maki machine is one of its kind. This machine can produce up to 10 000 small traditional sushi due to its continuous mode. It will start of by separating the rice from the hopper so it can be spread into an even sheet of rice before being put onto the non stop roll of nori. A very intelligent design makes this machine easy to use and operate without a lot of experience.

Production Capacity

Small Inside: 88000 PCS / 9777 rolls
Large Inside: 38000 PCS / 4222 rolls
Small Traditional: 10000 PCS / 1111 rolls

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