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Super Temari – Nigiri Maker

The Super Temari from Fujiseiki is a fully automatic professional Temari rice ball maker .This robot can produce perfectly formed rice balls without squashing or damaging the rice.
A 6 Kg hopper capacity makes for a long lasting production time without having to reload the hopper before starting again. The simplified design makes cleaning time shorter giving time to your sushi chefs to do other things.
This Temari Maker can produce up to 4,000 rice balls per hour, as good as a sushi chef with years of experience, giving you the possibility to sell great products to your clients at fast rate without losing the quality.

Weight 65 kg

W325mm x D535mm x H740mm
W12,7'' x D21'' x H29,1'' inches

Hopper Capacity

Approximately 6kg

Production Capacity

4000 temari rice balls an hour

Power Consumption

120W at maximum power


65 kg

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