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The SVR-BXA maki maker is a belt type rolling machine, capable of producing 350 sushi rolls an hour. The belt type process squashes the rice a lot less than other machine to try and find the same results as a sushi chef would.


SVR-BXA – Maki Maker

The SVR-BXA Maki Maker can form up to 350 rolls per hour. It produces round shaped rolls from small to large sized rolls without the use of a forming plate. This maki maker works with a belt type rolling unit making it easy to make sushi rolls in just the blink of an eye. This machine features an easy to use LCD touch screen that supports 7 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese or Japanese. The touch screen also allows rice sheet length, thickness, and rice density to be adjusted precisely without having to changing any parts.

Weight 41.5 kg

– AC 240V / 50Hz single phase

Power Consumption

– 110W

Hopper Capacity

– 7,5kg of sushi rice


W39 cm x D65 cm x H64 (cm)
W15,3" x D25,5" x H25" inches

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