Burrito Sushi Pack

As we all know the Sushi business is always finding new styles and recipes to conquer clients taste buds. Right now, the new style of Sushi taking off in Europe are the Burrito style Sushi. This new era has already started in Australia and new Zealand and is an amazing success.

If you are looking at this page then you already know this and want to start as soon as possible but yet don’t quite know how to proceed. We have selected for you the perfect setup in Sushi making machines to achieve a great ROI for your project.

  1. burrito sushi - Sushi Hand Roll
  2. burrito sushi - Sushi Hand Roll
Your Sushi Pack Includes:

Sushi Rice Washer

The RM-401-HT CE is one of the best and smallest tabletop rice washers from Konica Minolta. It’s washing capacity varies from 1 to 4 Kg in just 5 minutes.

The design of this machine also helps to cut down power consumption and cleaning time.It’s very simple control panel makes it possible for anyone to use this machine.

It’s interior design makes this machine very easy to clean and reassemble helping you gain time on your work, also it’s slim body helps you to fit it in anywhere you need it.

A very large opening allows you to put the rice in the machine without spilling it everywhere. A reliable sushi chef’s friend.

Sushi Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR 2363Z rice cooker is a very reliable and durable machine.

With a production capacity of up to 3,4Kg of uncooked rice you will be able to make great sushi rice in very small spaces.

The heavy duty non stick pan and the magnetic rice spoon holder are two great assets of this machine.

Sushi Rice Mixer

AUTEC brings to Europe the slimmest desktop Shari Mixer ever invented. It’s mere 50cms wide means it can fit in nearly any kitchen. Mixing up to 7,2kg of rice in just under 7 minutes and with the help of the new rice stirring bar, your shari is always perfectly mixed.

A high-class corrosion-resistant Stainless steel, is used for the exterior of the machine. thanks to its high rust resistance, the machine is easy to maintain. Inbuilt in your shari mixer is a precise temperature meter meaning that you know exactly at what temperature your shari is being cooled.

The engineers that created this Shari Mixer have made a larger opening making the transfer of rice into the machine easier. Accompanied with its new cradle like cooling system your shari will be at exactly the right temperature for eating.

Maki Sushi Maker

The ASM865CE Rice sheet Maker has been designed off the feedback we have given to AUTEC from our clients and here we have it.

A compact rice sheet maker with the largest Hopper capacity in the world for this category of maki makers. Inbuilt with a rice heater to make sure that the rice is at exactly the right temperature when a rice sheet is demanded.

Accompanied with very reactive sensors to make sure that when you are in automatic mode, the minute you take a rice sheet another is produced ready to be rolled. Magnetic seaweed or Nori guide on the rice mat tray will help you get the rice in just the right position when delivered.

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Prices may vary from selected options. Prices includes training & installation from The Sushi School.


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