Our Partners

We work in close partnership with our suppliers to offer you the best possible experience and to ensure the optimal conditions for your investment.

In 1953 AiHO was launched in the automobile spare parts industry. In 1957 they decided to change course and manufacture equipment for the restaurant business. AiHO has always offered its customers top-of-the-line products with excellent quality, and strives to offer the very best in customer service.

Audio-Technica Corporation is above all specialised in professional audio equipment. Audio-Technica products were used in the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and in Turin in 2006, as well as for many other sporting and musical events. Autec has manufactured numerous communication machines for human use, based on audiovisual processes for years now. Autec is combining the high precision of these processes with their innovative ideas with regards technology, to develop Sushi machines.

Foodex buyers are present across the 5 continents, offering the very best flavours from all over the world. Each product is directly imported from its country of origin and is subject to in-depth research. Come and see for yourself the wide range of diverse products that will add a kick to French, Asian, American and Mexican cuisine.

HASEGAWA mainly produces and distributes cookery items in Japan. In 1992, they started selling chopping boards and since then their sales have flourished and their products are now used by many professional chefs. Bacteria such as E-coli cause disease that is carried by food items. To prevent such diseases, meticulous care and attention must be made during production. In Japan, HASEGAWA kitchen items are highly popular thanks to the hygienic advantages for restaurants, procurement services, hotels and food-processing plants.

The Mizkan group has been producing authentic Japanese Sushi seasoning and vinegar for over 200 years. In the 1800s, the founder of the Mizkan group managed to develop saké lees vinegar and began to supply sushi restaurants across Tokyo. Today, the Mizkan group is the biggest supplier of Sushi seasoning in the world.

Ricemini, formerly known as Konica Minolta is a pioneer in innovation for Rice machines. Their machines have become the benchmark for rice washing.

The Wasabi Company is a passionate and adventurous one, with its headquarters in Great Britain. They began to try and grow this versatile plant around 4 years ago on a secret farm in the south-west of England. It takes 2 years for Japanese wasabi to mature, so the Wasabi Company was able to produce its very first harvest not so long ago.

After more than 30 years of research and development, Yamato has developed user-friendly noodle machines so that anyone can now make fresh noodles of all different kinds.