Sushi Van Pack

Are you dreaming of your very own Sushi Van with cosy kitchen area?

You can’t hire a sushi chef but you’d like to be able to make Japanese-quality sushi yourself?

Look no further! We have selected the perfect sushi machines for you (Sushi Rice Cooker, Nigiri Sushi Maker, etc.) so you can get your very own Sushi Van up and running in no time!

Your Sushi Van Pack includes:

Sushi Rice Washer

The PR-7A sushi rice washer is a sushi machine that doesn’t use electricity, it is operated with water pressure.

All you have to do is connect it to a standard tap. The bubbles created with the water pressure will wash the grains of rice perfectly, producing starch-free rice that is ideal for making sushi once it is cooked.

Sushi Rice Cooker

This Caterchef sushi rice cooker was designed using very resistant materials, making it a durable product.

A great number of establishments across Europe already use this sushi rice cooker.

Maki Sushi Maker

The SDM5000 manual maki sushi maker was designed for people who have not received specific training and who would like to make consistent, good quality sushi, with minimal knowledge in making sushi.

This product comes with a 12-month warranty and is 100% mechanical, and so does not have any electronic components. It is easy to clean, without having to take it apart.

The SDM5000 manual maki sushi maker is dishwasher compatible and it has been designed to ensure hygienic use.

Nigiri Sushi Maker

This small and compact Nigiri Sushi maker or rice ball maker, is a real timesaver.

The machine will automatically produce a ball of rice each time you use one, therefore reducing the contact between the machine and the sushi chef.

Thanks to a sensor, it can also detect when your hand is present and automatically produce a ball of rice without having to press a button.

Maki Sushi Cutter

This Manual Maki Cutter from Orion is the tool you need for cutting sushi rolls quickly and easily.

The small size means it will fit perfectly in your van and you can take it anywhere you need to.

Its intelligent design means it can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. You can cut the perfect sushi with just one hand!