Lov Sushi – Sushi Entrepreneurs

Hi Manu/James, Firstly thank-you, myself and Fraser did not know what to expect before we came down to Sushi School pro training course, but to say our expectations were surpassed would be an understatement. Great content, in-depth coverage and training from a world class sushi chef. But mainly fun and a pleasure to spend a couple of day with the Sushi School team. Hopefully we can send more Lovsushi chef’s on the same course as we grow and expand. Kindest Regards,Ross & Fraser of LovSushi (Sushi Entrepreneurs).

Lovsushi founded by Fraser Potter and Ross Brown, two young inspired and ambitious Scottish entrepreneurs, is a business that is intent on bringing a new & innovative product to consumers in the UK using the best Scottish produce in a new exciting way. Lovsushi provides a health conscious product, packed with Scottish produce that tastes amazing.


Lovsushi attended one of Your Sushi School certificated chef training programs in the year of 2012. The training program set them on a path to achieving their goal, giving them a platform from which to launch their business.