KR902 WN – All in One – Kubota

This double all in one rice washer and cooker can cook up to 9Kg of raw rice per cooker, in otherwords 40 Kilos of cooked sushi rice in one hour. Designed for large sushi kitchens this machine is a reliable sushi chef’s ally.


KR902 WN – All in One

Kubota presents one of their all in one sushi washer / cookers, the KR902 WN. It’s twin design makes this robot very efficient and very practical. You will have more room in your kitchen as you no longer need four machines to do the same job. Accompanying it’s slim design (1095mm / 42,9″) it also has a 60Kg hopper capacity per robot meaning a total of 120Kg of raw rice stocked gaining yet again more space in your stockroom.

Inbuilt with the same economical washing design as the KP90KN-CE, helping you cut down on water and electricity consumption. Reliable, stylish design and great shari are the main qualities of this great machine.

Weight 167 kg


Production Capacity

Can cook up to 9kg of raw rice per cooker


W1095 × D643 × H1630mm
W42,9'' x D25,3'' x H64,1'' inches

Hopper Capacity

120kg / 60kilos per hopper

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