AMP-5 – Rice Soaking and Filling Machine

The AMP-5 – Rice SoakingMachine is a very useful machine to have before your rice cooker, prepared and soaked rice ready to cook is what this machine does best in every way.


AMP-5 – Rice Soaking Machine

The AMP-5 – Rice Soaking machine is one very useful component in rice cooking. This machine can soak up to 280 Kg of rice at a time without any problems at all. Once the rice is soaked, the water and starch is then drained and new clean water is accurately added, the amount of water for cooking the rice to be added can be programmed from the control panel. Also on the control panel you will be able to control the number of batches that you have done helping to keep track on how much rice you use.



Min : W1,180 x D735 x 1,875
Max :W1,990 x D1,610 x H2,770
Min : W46,4" x D28,7" x H73,8" inches
Max : W78,3 x D63,3 x H109" inches

Soaking Capacity

84 to 280 Kg at once

Water Supply

20 A

Water Discharge


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