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ASC-300 – Continuous Rice Cooker – AIHO

The ASC-300 Industrial Rice Cooker is one of the only rice cookers made to cook rice by steam without rice pots. Producing from 300 Kg to 1000Kg an hour this enormous rice cooker stays unbeaten on the market.


ASC-300 Continuous Rice Cooker

The ASC-300 Industrial Rice Cooker is one of the best in it’s category, thanks to no pot steam cooking process. The well soaked rice is sent into the machine by a conveyor belt to be steamed evenly and perfectly, this machine is the most appropriate for cooking different types of rice without difficulty. It’s continuous rice cooking method helps you to cook large amounts of rice without having to keep turning your machine on and off. Once the rice has finished cooking it will be taken to the next stage by a conveyor belt . This machine is capable of cooking up to 1000 Kg of sushi rice an hour.


Min : W610 x D175 x H250 cm
Max : W108,5 x D200 x H260 cm
Min : W240" x D69" x H98,4" inches
Max : W427" x D78" x H102" inches

Cooking Capacity

Min : 300KG
Max : 1000KG

Steam Consumption

Min : 480 Kg/Hour
Max :1,630Kg/Hour

Steam Pressure


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