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The ASM450 CE is a nigiri rice ball maker capable of aligning 50 rice balls in the shari box tray in just 90 seconds and all that automatically. With a production capacity of 2,200 rice balls an hour, This Nigiri rice ball Maker is suitable for any small or medium sized sushi kitchen.



ASM450 CE Nigiri rice ball Maker

The ASM450 CE Nigiri rice ball Maker is the best of its category. Making up to 2,200 rice balls an hour and with its alignement program it will delicately deposit 50 nigiri rice balls on the shari tray that is located in the bottom of the machine. Its super compact design makes it easy to fit into even the smallest of kitchens, making small places very productive. Accompanied with the shari boxes you will be able to store up to 250 rice balls per shari box without squashing or damaging your products.
It has other advantages :
• Enormous production capacity + convenience of transferring / storage / chilling of nigiri.
• The increased quality of nigiri forming – rice balls have the appropriate shape.
• Automatic start: the robot begins to form rice balls automatically after you install a tray.
• There is no need to touch nigiri during operation.


ASM 450


Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 600 × 558 × 690 cm

AC230V / 50Hz

Power Consumption


Hopper capacity

7,5 kg

Production Capacity

2,200 rice balls an hour


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