ASM545 CE – Multi Nigiri Robot – AUTEC

A compact powerful multi function nigiri, Onigiri and Makunouchi rice ball maker. Taking up little space in your sushi kitchen and producing up to 4,400 rice balls an hour this machine is every Sushiman’s ally.


ASM545 CE Multi Nigiri Robot

A multiple function Nigiri robot capable of making three different types of rice balls by just the switch of a piece. Onigiri, Nigiri and Makunouchi rice balls can be made with this Multi Nigiri robot, producing a maximum of 4,400 Maknouchi rice balls an hour. Further, the system of mixing shafts makes onigiri with the correct traditional form. And using of changing form function allows dividing of onigiri, so in this case, you can get mini-onigiri.

This machine will help you gain time and allow you to propose different types of sushi to your clients. Being only 310mm wide and 513mm deep this robot can practically fit anywhere. Possibility to switch from continuous forming mode to single forming mode with the press of a button on the control panel.


Weight 25 kg

– AC 230V / 50Hz

Power Consumption

– 80 W

Production Capacity

– Onigiri: 1,100-1,650 pieces / hr
– Sushi Rice Ball: 2,200 pieces / hr
– Makunouchi Rice Ball: 1,375-4,400 pieces / hr


– W 31 x D 51,3 x H 69,2 cm
– W 12,2'' x D 20'' x H 27'' inches


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