Cast Iron Electric Gyoza Griddle “Ron”

This electric Nanbu cast iron griddle is a very popular equipment for restaurants and other food establishments that serve gyoza dumplings.



This griddle will boil, steam and grill/sear your dumplings to perfection with a crispy skin and juicy filling.

  • The thickness of the nanbu cast iron facilitates even heating and excellent heat retention (Even placing frozen gyoza on this plate will not cool it down at all).
  • The plate divider acts like a dam to retain the appropriate water level and cook a smaller serving.
  • The thermostat allows you to obtain a consistent cooking temperature.
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • Low cost compared to other gyoza griddles.
  • Compact size.

Exterior Material

Stainless Steel

Plate Material

Nanbu Cast Iron

Cover Material

Molded Aluminum with Fluorocarcon Resin Coating


Single phase 120V 12A, 1400 Watt

Heating Speed

190 to 220°C (7 min 30 sec to 12 sec)

Exterior Dimensions

W8.9" x D18.1" x H10" (22,5cm x 46cm x 25,5cm)

Plate Dimensions

W7.1" x D13.4" x H1.6" (18cm x 34cm x 4cm)


0-15 min with alarm


Variable liquid expansion type

Water Supply



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