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DPR-15J – Rice Washer

AIHO presents to you the DPR-15J Rice Washer, the machine to save time and keep the rice quality at it’s best. The new rice washing system the rice is less damaged. The high water pressure that this machine develops helps the rice rub together allowing all the starch to be removed correctly without breakage and if your water pressure is too low their is an inbuilt motor to pulse the water to attain the required pressure.


Weight 16 kg

W63 x D60 x H119 cm
W24,8" x D23,6" x H46,8" inches

Washing Capacity

15 to 30Kg of raw rice

Washing Time

4 to 5 minutes per batch

Body diameter

470 mm
18,5" inches

Water Consumption



16 Kg
35 Lbs

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