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Do you spend too much time washing your rice pots when you could get so many other things done? Then wait no more, we present to you the EDA2-5S rice pot washer, making your life easier.


EDA2-5S – Rice Pot Washer

Have you ever asked yourself how you can gain time in the day? Then look for your answer no further, the EDA2-5S is a time gaining,  efficient rice pot washer. This machine has been specially made to be integrated into a fully automated rice cooking and seasoning line.

This machine has a washing capacity of up to 100 pots per hour including their lids, depending on the machine you buy (automatic or manual) your pots enter and leave the machine washed automatically. If you decide to buy the manual type you will have to insert and remove the pots by hand. All in all this machine will either complete your rice cooking line or improve your sushi industry.


Min : W4000 x D1,050 x H1,890 mm
Max : 5,200 x D1,350 x H1,890 mm
Min : W157,8" x D41" x H74,4" inches
Max : W204,7 x D53 x H74,4" inches

Washing Capacity

60 to 100 pots with their lids an hour

Tank Capacity

Min : 160L x 2
Max : 220L x 3

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