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Autec presents to you the electric Maki cutter ASM250CE. With a cutting capacity of 600 rolls an hour and special resin made parts, this machine will cut down work time and make perfectly cut maki.


ASM250 CE Maki Cutter Autec

AUTEC’S ASM250 Electric Maki Cutter will help your sushi chef in his daily sushi preparing,  making sushi cutting much easier.
With your ASM250 you will be able to cut up to 600 rolls an hour while keeping the same size and quality.
Inbuilt with two push buttons to action the blades, making injuries impossible while the cutting process is in action.
When the cut buttons are pressed your roll will come down in a dolphin movement to be pushed through the razor sharp blades making your roll cleanly cut. Once your roll is cut the cutting block will come back automatically to save time and limit the amount of contact between machine and sushi chef.
Most pieces are made of a special resin making cleaning, assembling and disassembling a lot simpler.
The ASM250 will cut into 6, 8 or 10 pieces.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 36 × 29.2 × 43.6 cm
Production Capacity

Cuts up to 600 rolls an hour.

Cutting Capacity

Can cut into 6, 8 or 10 pieces. a different cutting base is required to cut into 6 pieces.

Cutting Size

6 Pieces = 3cm / 1,1 inches
8 Pieces = 2,2 cm / 0,78 inches
10 Pieces = 2 cm / 0,86 inches

Power Consumption



AC230V / 50Hz


W 36 cm H 43,6 cm D 29,2 cm


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