Electric Maki Cutter MC3 – Fujiseiki

Fujiseiki presents to you their automatic maki cutter MC3, cutting up to 1,100 rolls an hour. With the combination of its production capacity and it’s small size this is every sushi chef’s best friend.


Electric Maki Cutter MC3

Fujiseiki presents their automatic Electric Maki Cutter MC3 will help your sushi chef in his daily sushi preparing, making sushi cutting much easier.
With this robot you will be able to cut up to 1,100 rolls an hour while keeping the size and quality equal.
Two push buttons action the blades, making injuries impossible while the cutting process is in action.
When the cut buttons are pressed your roll will come down and be pushed through the razor sharp blades giving you a cleanly cut roll. Once your roll is cut the machine will come back automatically saving time and limiting the amount of contact between machine and sushi chef.
This machine will cut into 6,8 or 10 pieces.


Dimensions 376 × 350 × 380 cm
Production Capacity

up to 1,100 rolls an hour.

different cuts possible

Can cut into 6, 8 or 10 pieces

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