Hangiri Spatula – Kitchen Ustensils – Hasegawa

The Hangiri Spatula from Hasegawa, is a plastic resin spatula specially designed for sushi rice, it resists to 100 C (212 F).


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Hangiri Spatula – Kitchen Ustensils – Hasegawa

The Hangiri Spatula from Hasegawa, made from plastic resin, is most suitable for Hangiri work (Sushi Rice Mixing).

Its plastic resin sticks less with rice, and wood waste and black molds forming is no longer a problem.

Further, the thin head of the spatula makes it lightweight, enables ease of handling and mixing the rice round the corner of the bowl.

In addition, the head comes with a wave-patterned structure, allowing good mix of the rice and the vinegar.

Weight 0.46 kg
Model Name


Length cm ( inch )

45cm ( 17.7 )

Weight g ( lbs )

208 ( 0.46 )


100 C ( 212 F )




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