Hoshizaki Sushi Showcase

The HOSHIZAKI fridge is one of the most important tools in the sushi buisness as you probably know. A perfect way to keep your fish at exactly the right temperature and to show the fish to your client.


Hoshizaki Sushi Showcase

The HOSHIZAKI fish showcase or fridge if you prefer will keep your fish at exactly the right temperature as this is crucial and has to be properly stored to avoid clients being contaminated by bad fish. This tabletop fridge comes in different sizes to please your needs. Either 1’200, 1’500, 1’800 or 2’100mm long and 345mm High and Wide. The inbuilt LED lights makes it a lot easier to see what you are picking up if your restaurant lights are dim. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and reassembling thanks to it’s simplified design. An economical way to keep your fish fresh thanks to the economical system it runs on.


Weight 35 kg

120cm, 150cm, 180cm or 210cmm (length) x W 34,5cm x H 34,5cm
472", 590'', 708'' or 826'' x W

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