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The KP72PN rice washer can wash up to 6 Kg of sushi rice in just 2 minutes, easy to use clean and reassemble this rice washer is suitable for any small or medium sushi kitchen.


KP72PN-CE – Rice Washer

The KP72PN-CE rice washer has a large opening for loading the rice making it a lot easier and accident proof. The double multi jet shower nozzles make sure that the rice is washed evenly and economically using only a small amount of water and a small wattage output. The Multi angled stirring blade guarantee that all the starch is eliminated as close to perfection as possible before cooking the rice.

This robot has been made for making sushi rice washing a lot quicker but to also keep the quality of the washed rice. The rice washing stage is crucial and if not respected this can engender a very dusty taste to the rice, but no worries this robot will do it all for you.


Weight 27 kg
Production Capacity

Can wash up to 6kgs of rice in 2 minutes.


W41,7 x D52,3 x H137cm
W16,4'' x D20,5'' x H54'' inches


27 kg



Power Consumption


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