KR721 N – All in One – KUBOTA

This double all in one rice washer and cooker can cook up to 9Kg of raw rice per cooker, in otherwords 40 Kilos of cooked sushi rice in one hour. Designed for large sushi kitchens this machine is a reliable sushi chef’s ally


KR721 N – All in One – KUBOTA

Kubota presents one of their all in one sushi washer / cookers, the KR902 N. The mixture of both their best rice washing and cooking equipement from Kubota makes this machine extremely efficient and economical. You will make room in your kitchen due to its tour like design. Combining it’s slim design (540mm / 21,2″) and it’s 60Kg hopper capacity means that you can gain yet more space in your stockroom.

Inbuilt with the same economical washing design as the KP90KN-CE, helping you cut down on water and electricity consumption. Reliable, space saving and perfectly cooked shari are the main qualities of this great product.

Weight 69 kg

W54 × D64,3 × H163cm
W21,2'' x D25,3'' x H64,1'' inches

Cooking and Washing Capacity

cooks up to 8 of raw rice
Washes up to 8Kg in 2,13 mins


69 Kg

Power Consumption


Hopper Capacity

60Kg of raw rice

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