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LEC 800 – Fresh Pho Noodle Maker – Lucky Eng

The LEC-800, Fresh pho noodle maker from Lucky Eng, meets both customer needs of healthy food and increased demand of rice consumption.
Mix a blending of Pho Noodle Premix and water, then the machine will even knead and mix the dough into fresh noodles.


LEC 800 – Fresh Pho Noodle Maker – Lucky Eng

With the LEC-800, Fresh pho noodle maker, from Lucky Eng, finished dry or pressed noodles. You can taste a whole new level of noodles, with great flavor and a nicely texture.

Pho Noodle Premix is wheat-free, so you can enjoy an easily digestible and nutritious meal.
Further, Lucky Eng’s own unique technology, has allowed to develop a specially designed belt. Which makes it machine all the more hygienic.




D 215 x W 57 x H 146 cm




30 Kg/h

Hopper Capacity

5 Kg


AC 380V, 50/60Hz, 12.6KW


180 Kg

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