LSR-380 – Nigiri Maker – Lucky Eng

The LSR-380, Nigiri maker from Lucky Eng,  is a topping rice ball machine which facilitates and expedites the creation of nigiri.


LSR-380 –  Nigiri Maker  – Lucky Eng

LSR-380, Nigiri maker from Lucky Eng, produces a topping rice ball. So, it is capable to maintain the shape of even a single grain of rice.

So, It is possible to minutely control the intensity rice compression, the density between grains of rice, the thermal temperature and the amount of sauce (dressing) by touching the colored LCD panel. As a result, this Nigiri Maker, produces the topping and rice all in one.
It is only necessary to put various types of topping on the groove of the Hole of the rice ball.




800~1,600 pcs/h


W320 × L490 × H580 mm

Weights of Rice

18-25g / 25-35g


AC110/220V, 50/60H, 160W




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