LWR-250 Automatic Wrapping Sushi Machine

This unit is one which combines the functions of both the LSR-370 and LW-202.
It is an all-in-one unit which covers sushi making and wrapping.

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Making sushi and individual wrapping is a possible at the same time.
It’s cost-effective machine.

Individual wrapped sushi stays fresh longer and looks neater. Moreover, it is highly hygienic.
The LWR-250 is capable of wrapping sushi in various weights from 15g to 22g. It can also wrap sushi much neatly than any other product on the market.
Since it is manufactured with one-touch-film, not only it can be opened easily, but you also don’t need to touch the food with your finger. (Patented)
The LWR-250 has been designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, thus setting it apart from the competition.
In addition, it is made from stainless-steel and aluminum, so there is no need to worry about this unit developing rust with long term use.
We are very confident that you will be able to enjoy both great performance and cost-saving benefits with the LWR-250.


Max. 800-1,600pcs/h



Weight of Rice Ball

18~25g / 25~35g


Applying Sauce (Dressing)



Control Menu

7 Step Automatic color touch panel



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