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The rice measuring silo is one of the most important machines you could have. Perfect rice measuring for perfect rice cooking. Accompanied by a very large silo to stock the rice this machine is vital.


MET-600 – Rice Measuring Silo

The MET-600 – Rice Measuring Silo is a very important tool in any large rice production line due to it’s extremely precise rice measurement device. This machine will measure out 7 Kg of rice at a time before sending it out to the rice washer that is also part of the rice line. With the rice silo being so big you will be able to stock very large amounts of rice at once, it will stock from 600 to 1,800 Kg of raw rice at a time in an air tight chamber preventing the rice from contact of all microorganisms that shouldn’t be anywhere your rice.


Min : W1,500 x D1,200 x H2,750mm
Max : W1,500 x D1,200 x H3,580mm
Min : W59" x D47" x H101" inches
Max : W59" x D47" x H141" inches

Height Of Elevator

Min : 3,790mm
Max : 4,545mm
Min : 150" inches
Max : 179" inches

Storage Capacity

600 to 1,800 Kg of raw rice

Measurement Range

5,5 to 7,5 kg at a time

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