ASM405 CE – Nigiri Maker – AUTEC

This slim and compact rice ball maker or nigiri maker is the machine to gain time. Producing up to 1,800 rice balls an hour, this tabletop nigiri rice ball maker is ideal for any small sushi kitchen.


ASM405 CE Nigiri Maker

This slim and compact rice ball or Nigiri Maker is the machine to gain time. The machine can constantly replace the rice ball every time you take one away, making as less contact as possible between the sushi chef and the machine.
It can also thanks to a sensor, detect when your hand is underneath and provide you with a rice ball without even having to press a button.

Producing up to 1,800 rice balls an hour, the ASM405 CE is the solution for any small or medium kitchen that want to keep their nigiri quality up to their best but at the same want to enhance their production. It is easy to  switch between AUTO and HAND modes. Two convenient operating modes for different kitchen formats.

nigiri maker

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 28 × 32.1 × 45.4 cm

AC230V 50Hz

Power Consumption


Hopper Capacity

3 kg

Production Capacity

Up to 1,800 rice balls an hour


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