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The OCP-53 is a seasoning liquid measurer and injector. This machine will deliver exactly the right amount of seasoning into your rice before it goes into the mixing process.


OCP-53 – Automatic Liquid Injector

The OCP-53 – Automatic Liquid Injector is a very useful bit of kit if you own a sushi rice preparing line and want to gain time. This robot is available in two different models. The difference between models is the tank capacity varying from 90L to 150L . You can either have 3 x 30 L tanks or 3 x 50L tanks. This machine can be equipped with a liquid heater if needed, this is optional. This machine can store salt water, cooking oil or vinegar. The OCP-53 is used with 7 or 8,4 Kg rice cooking pots.


Min : W1,300 x D500 x H1,050mm
Max : W1,600 x D600 x H1,050mm
Min : W51" x D19" x H41" inches
Max : W62,9" x D23,6" x H41" inches

Number of Tanks

3 x 30L or 3 x 50L

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