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Richmen Type II – Ramen Noodle maker – Yamato

The Richmen type II, is a large-scale machine, created by Yamato. In order to produce quality dough thanks to its kneading.


Richmen Type II – Ramen Noodle maker – Yamato

The Richmen Type II, from Yamato, is a large-Scale machine for maximum productivity, to making Ramen noodles.

Separate 25 kg mixer
Nevertheless, this  ramen noodle machine focuses on productivity but don’t have the dough mixer. Also, the 25 Kg mixer sold separately, achieves the maximum level of productivity

Further, using the same technique as kneading by hand the Yamato 25 kg mixer offers a perfect balance between mixing time and rotation rate, without damaging the dough (approx. 60 rotations/min).

・US and Japanese models require three-phase power supply.
・Compliant with various worldwide safety standards, permission to use in 26 countries. (CE certified model available)

Further, Sushi Robots is the official European distributor of Yamato and provides training for the use of the machine.

Automatic Flour Duster

Flour output volume freely adjustable

Automatically sprinkles flour / starch on the noodle sheet during different operation steps. Connected to the main engine, so if the press stops, the duster does so, too. The flour output can be regulated by a small turning knob on the side of the unit.

Press Roll Unit

Easy-to-use press unit

The gap between the two heavy duty stainless steel compression drums can be adjusted in 1/10s of a millimeter (100μm steps). The Richmen series Ramen machines are all equipped with a convenient foot switch for the main motor, so you can control the machine while having your hands free to work. One of the most important features of the roll unit is safety. The safety grid above the rolls is designed not to let through even the delicate hands of a female operator and the slightest movement of the grid causes the motor to stop immediately.

Dough Tray

Rounded edges for easy cleaning

After the dough has been kneaded in the mixing unit, it is transported from the mixer to the roll unit above. Our specially designed hygienic tray is used for this step. The tray has no edges, so waste of the dough is reduced to a minimum and it’s very easy to wipe off any residue afterwards.

Mixing Unit

Safety first

The mixer is designed in a way that even beginners have no problems using it. The motor stops automatically, if the glass lid is removed. It is possible to add water to the mixture without having to remove the safety lid and with the included sponges the mixer autonomously cleans itself after use!

Roller Clearance Adjustment Handle

Free adjustment of noodle thickness

Adjustment of the noodle thickness is done by turning the crank handle, which sets the gap between the two roll drums. While doing that, the exact thickness is indicated in the center of the handle.

Cutter Unit

Multipurpose cutter for various kinds of noodles

With the multipurpose cutting unit you can make any type of Ramen noodles by inserting the blade set with the appropriate width. You can make straight, curled, thick and thin noodles and even some variations of Udon and Soba!


LS 082I

External Dimensions (cm)

W 132,4 × D 75,8 × H 135

Maximum Power Consumption

Japanese model: 100V / 0.85kW
North American model: 115V / 0.85kW
European model: 230V / 0.85kW



Press Roller Width


Press Roller Diameter


Servings per Hour

about 200

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