SDM-1057 – Manual Maki Cutter

The SDM-1057 Manual Maki Cutter is a practical and fairly small tabletop machine. Easy to use and clean, this Maki Cutter will help you gain time, cleanliness and precision in cutting your sushi rolls.


SDM-1057 Manual Maki Cutter

This tabletop maki cutter is suitable for any small volume catering businesses, buffets, and take-out operations. Being a Manual Maki Cutter and thanks to its small body you can virtually take it with you anywhere you need to cut maki. Easy to clean, dismantle and reassemble. Teflon coated blades helps to prevent having sticky blades after cutting just two rolls and makes for a cleaner work environment.



12 Kg


35 cm x 35 cm x 55 cm


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