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The Small, compact and highly productive nigiri or Onigiri rice ball maker is now here! The Suketto is one of the smallest and most stylish rice ball makers on the market. Great for making Nigiri or Onigiri rice balls in front of the client without losing.


Suketto – Chest Type Nigiri Robot

The SSG-SCS is a chest type nigiri robot fit for any small sushi kitchen due to it’s compactness and design. If you change the internal adjuster this machine can also produce onigiri rice balls. A new internal lid has an inbuilt lock function meaning that when you lift the lid while operation is in procedure the robot will stop working until the lid is replaced. Thanks to the high performance of this robot anyone can be making nigiri or onigiri rice balls in a matter of minutes, without having any experience whatsoever in the sushi buisiness.  

Weight 13 kg



Diameter 44,5 x H39 cm
Diameter 17,5'' x H15,3'' inches

Hopper Capacity

12L of sushi rice

Production Capacity

Nigiri: 0–1800 pieces / hr (20g / piece)
Rice ball: 0–750 pieces / hr (100g / piece)

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