Sushi Rice Shari Box

Capable of containing 5 rice trays with about 300 nigiri.
It keeps your Sushi rice and formed pieces at the perfect temperature for a long time.



Shari Box or Rice Box

The Shari Box or Rice box is one of the best ways to stock your prepared sushi rice. Features excellent heat insulating capabilities for cooked rice and is perfect for transporting or keeping the rice in after seasoning and mixing until required for making sushi. Can be used with Shari trays (BAT20) that stack inside for easy transporting of your valuable sushi. These shari boxes can be stacked to gain space in your kitchen, and the shape of these boxes makes them a lot more ergonomic witch cuts down work effort. These boxes are compatible with the rice box liners.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 37 × 26 cm

W48cm x D37cm x H26cm
W18,8'' x D14,5'' x H10,2'' inches

Rice Capacity

Holds up to 15kg of cooked sushi rice

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