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SVR-NYA – Rice Sheet Maker

The SVR-NYA  is a fully automatic all in one Rice Sheet Maker. This robot can produce up to 950 perfect rice sheets per hour depending on the quality of your rice. This machine is also capable of saving the program that you want it to so that the next day all you have to do is put some rice in the machine, turn it on and off you go. A 7,5 Kg hopper capacity makes for a long lasting production time without having to reload the hopper before starting again. The engineers have made this machine as light and as simple as possible to make the cleaning time shorter giving time to your sushi chefs to do other things.  

Weight 37.5 kg

W36 cm x D61,3 cm x H64 cm
W14,1'' X D24,1'' X H25,1'' inches

Hopper Capacity


Production Capacity

thin roll: 950 sheets /hr.
medium roll: 850 sheets /hr
thick roll: 750 sheets /hr.


AC 240V 1Ph 50Hz

Power Consumption



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