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The production of the TSM-08H is stopped, the new model is the TSM-07H.

The TSM-08H nigiri maker from X-TOP is a fully automatic professional rice ball maker, capable of producing 2,500 rice balls an hour. Slim with a medium sized hopper capacity this machine is ideal for any type of sushi kitchen as long as you do nigiri.


TSM-08H – Nigiri Maker

One of the best creations from X-TOP presented to you, the TSM-08H Nigiri rice ball Maker. A professional rice ball maker in a slim and compact design. The manufacturers have put this machine to its limits, tested the quality of the rice balls in order to obtain the perfect consistency.

The 6Kg rice hopper allows you to continuously produce rice balls without having to reload every two minutes, combined with a new rice seperating method your rice is no longer squashed or damaged.

It’s very slim design (300mm Wide) helps you to fit it anywhere you need it and weighing a mere 32Kg and using only 100Watts this machine is the sushi chefs must have.

Weight 32 kg


Power Consumption



W300 x D490 x H580mm
W11,8'' x D19,2'' x H22,8'' inches

Hopper Capacity


Production Capacity

2500 rice balls an hour



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