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The TSM900 RSR is one of the best two in one rolling machines from X-TOP, producing up to 250 rolls per hour this machine is fit for about any sushi kitchen. perfect rice sheets and greatly rolled maki are the qualities of this machine.


TSM900 RSR – Maki Maker

The TSM900 RSR is a two in one design incorporating both rice mat making and rolling in one machine. The same technology is used for rice sheet making as on the TSM900 R making the rice sheet quality as good as it gets. With a 9Kg rice hopper capacity this machine is capable of making 250 rolls per hour. Like the TSM900 R this machine is also made for small kitchens or sushi vans. With this machine you will be able to make Hosomaki(Maki), Ura-maki(inside out roll) or Futomaki(Large Maki) by the simple swap of the changing block for the rolling. A time saver and money winner, this machine will help you develop your sushi business.

Weight 42 kg

W38 cm x D52 cm x H50 cm
W14,9" x D20,4" x H19,6" inches

Hopper Capacity


Production Capacity

Approximately 250 rolls per hour


A type: 115V
B type: 220 – 240V

Power Consumption



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