Sushi Factory Pack

Big ideas need special needs, and Sushi rice mass production is one big project. With our partner AIHO we help to get started Sushi factories all over Europe.
The selection of machines we have picked out for you are the best Mass production machines on the market to help you get started without any unsuspected problems on the way there.

This production line will automatically prepare you great sushi rice without a lot of effort, complete control over your process thanks to a great control panel simple to use. All the way to the rice pot washing is done automatically, making as less contact between employees and the production line as possible.
With this pack you will be up and running in no time and be making great Sushi rice in the blink of an eye.

Your Sushi Pack Includes:

Sushi Rice Washer

The SRC-600 has been studied to be one of the most efficient and productive rice washers on the market. Built to be part of a large rice production line due to its large production capacity.This machine is capable of washing 600 Kg of rice per hour and thanks to the design of this machine your water consumption will be lighter as well as your work force.

The technology used for the washing is multiple screw paddles who rotate to eliminate all excess starch without damaging the rice. When the washing cycle is finished your machine will rinse the rice one last time before being transferred to the cooking unit.

Sushi Rice Cooker

The ASC-300 Industrial Rice Cooker is one of the best in it’s category, thanks to no pot steam cooking process. The well soaked rice is sent into the machine by a conveyor belt to be steamed evenly and perfectly, this machine is the most appropriate for cooking different types of rice without difficulty. It’s continuous rice cooking method helps you to cook large amounts of rice without having to keep turning your machine on and off. Once the rice has finished cooking it will be taken to the next stage by a conveyor belt . This machine is capable of cooking up to 1000 Kg of sushi rice an hour.

Sushi Rice Mixer

The KS360 Sushi rice mixer from Kubota is one of the smallest most efficient mixers on the market. With it’s mere 34 Kg and tabletop size (550mm Wide / 600mm Deep), you will be able to make room for this little bit of magic in nearly any area of your sushi kitchen. Producing up to 45 Kg of perfectly mixed seasoned rice an hour, you will be able to gain time in your preparation and space in your kitchen.

Designed with a new mixing pattern and new mixing bar, this new technology helps to cut down on mixing time and power consumption. It’s intelligent Mainframe helps you save the settings you put in so that when you come back the next day all you have to do is press the button and off you go.

Sushi Rice Mass Production Control Panel

The AES-5 – Preparation Control Box can automate all your production line by the press of a button. With his machine you can soak, wash, cook, season, mix and cool down without being next to any of these machines. It will also help you keep on top of your KPI (key performance indicator) and your rice quality.

You can also program all your machines to start the next day so that when you get to work the next day, there are already multiple batches of cooked rice waiting to be used. This machine saves time and helps tremendously in organising your production.

Automatic Sushi Liquid Injector

The OCP-53 – Automatic Liquid Injector is a very useful bit of kit if you own a sushi rice preparing line and want to gain time. This robot is available in two different models. The difference between models is the tank capacity varying from 90L to 150L . You can either have 3 x 30 L tanks or 3 x 50L tanks.

This machine can be equipped with a liquid heater if needed, this is optional. This machine can store salt water, cooking oil or vinegar. The OCP-53 is used with 7 or 8,4 Kg rice cooking pots.

Automatic Sushi Liquid Injector

The MET-600 – Rice Measuring Silo is a very important tool in any large rice production line due to it’s extremely precise rice measurement device. This machine will measure out 7 Kg of rice at a time before sending it out to the rice washer that is also part of the rice line.

With the rice silo being so big you will be able to stock very large amounts of rice at once, it will stock from 600 to 1,800 Kg of raw rice at a time in an air tight chamber preventing the rice from entering in contact with everything that shouldn’t be anywhere your rice.

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