Sushi Restaurant Pack

Are you looking into opening or upgrading your Sushi restaurant?
You already have qualified sushi chefs but don’t want to have to employ lots of people?

Then look no further for we have carefully picked out a number of machines that are the most adapted for large sushi kitchens wanting to serve large amounts of clients.

Every step in your sushi preparing, from the rice washing to making a nigiri rice ball can be controlled and improved helping you gain a product with a great and constant quality.

Your Sushi Pack Includes:

Sushi Rice Washer

The RM-401-AG rice washer is one of the best from Konica Minolta, equipped with a 90Kg rice stock capacity this machine will not only clean the rice but will also help to make room in your storeroom. The other advantage of the stocking capacity is that the rice is less likely to become moist thanks to its air tight design.

It’s washing capacity varies from 1 to 7,5 Kg in just 5 mins 40 seconds with a water consumption of just 23 L per cycle. The design of this machine also helps to bring down power consumption.

It’s very simple control panel makes it possible for anyone to use this machine combined with a very simple interior design makes this machine very easy to clean and reassemble.

Sushi Rice Cooker

The FRC54 NC Sushi Rice Cooker is a fully automatic, professional rice cooker. It’s cooking capacity varies between 2,8 to 5 Kg of rice in just 45 mins. The simple control panel helps you to control exactly how you want your rice cooked by the press of a button.

The light weight non stick cooking pan helps employees to cut down work effort due to the easy cleaning. This rice cooker can be used by anyone in your staff as long as they have been formed beforehand and they have a minimum of knowledge about cooking sushi rice.

Sushi Rice Mixer

The Shari robot suitable for any large sized sushi kitchen is no doubt the ASM 780 CE. With a production capacity of up to 14kg of sushi rice, thanks to its cradle like mixing motion and its MAX BLOW option your shari will be transferred in your shari box at exactly the right temperature for serving.

The new special resin that has been developed for AUTEC will make cleaning and removing the mixing drum a lot easier and quicker, optimising your work time.

An emergency stop button is easy to push in case needed and the lid is equipped with sensors. These make sure that while the machine is completing a cycle nobody can get their hand anywhere near the mixing bar, it also means that nothing can drop into your perfect shari while being mixed.

Maki Sushi Maker

The ASM865CE Rice Mat Maker has been designed off the feedback we have given to AUTEC from our clients and here we have it. A compact rice sheet maker with the largest Hopper capacity in the world for this category of maki makers.

Inbuilt with a rice heater to make sur the rice is at exactly the right temperature when a rice sheet is demanded. Accompanied with very reactive sensors to make sure that when you are in auto mode, the minute you take a rice sheet another is produced ready to be rolled.Magnetic seaweed or Nori guide on the rice mat tray will help you get the rice in just the right position when delivered.

Nigiri Sushi Maker

The ASM 450 CE Nigiri rice ball Maker is the best of its category. Making up to 2,200 rice balls an hour, with its aligning program it will delicately deposit 50 nigiri rice balls on the shari tray that locates in the bottom of the machine.

Its super compact design makes it easy to fit into even the smallest of kitchens, making small places very productive.

With this machine you will be able to make japanese quality rice balls in just a couple of seconds.

Maki Sushi Cutter

Fujiseiki presents their automatic Electric Maki Cutter will help your sushi chef in his daily sushi preparing,  making sushi cutting much easier.

With this robot you will be able to cut up to 1,100 rolls an hour while keeping the size and quality equal. Two push buttons action the blades, making injuries impossible while the cutting process is in action.

When the cut buttons are pressed your roll will come down and be pushed through the razor sharp blades giving you a cleanly cut roll. Once your roll is cut the machine will come back automatically saving time and limiting the amount of contact between machine and sushi chef.

This machine will cut into 6,8 or 10 pieces.

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