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Hangiri – Sushi Rice Bowl- Kitchen ustensils – Hasegawa

The new Hangiri is made of plastic resin, which gives it many advantages, such as the lightness and ease of washing that wood don’t possess.

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Hangiri – Sushi Rice Bowl- Kitchen ustensils – Hasegawa

A completely new, Hangiri ( sushi rice mixing bowl ), made from plastic, from Hasegawa. The foaming resin used in the interior gives its lightweight feature. So, Unlike the conventionnal ones, it will not have the problem of wood cracks and outer-ringed circumferences wearing off. Further, On top of that, there is no worry about wood waste and black mold forming from use. Therefor, when put to good use, this new Hangiri will prove to be a lasting and economical investment. Moreover,It resists dishwasher and bleach safe.

Model Name Size D x H mm (inch ) Weight Kg (lbs)
FHG-48 480 X 110 ( 18.9 X 4.3 ) 1.7 ( 3.7 )
FHG-60 600 x 140 (23.6 x 5.5 ) 3.3 ( 73 )
FHG-72 720 x 140 ( 28.3 x 6.6 ) 4.8 ( 10.6 )

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Model Name

FHG-48, FHG-60, FHG-72

Size mm ( inch ) D x H

48cm x 11cm ( 18.9 x 4.3 ), 60cm x 14cm ( 23.6 x 5.5 ), 72cm x 17cm ( 28.3 x 6.6 )

Weight Kg ( lbs )

1.7 ( 3.7 ), 3.3 ( 7.3 ), 4.8 ( 10.6 )




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