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KS726-CB – Rice Mixing Robot – KUBOTA

The KS726-CB Rice Mixer from Kubota can mix up to 6kg of rice at a time, in just 4 minutes making its hourly mixing capacity 90Kg. This Machine has been made for medium or large sized sushi kitchens thanks to its great mixing capacity.


KS726-CB – Rice Mixing Robot

The unique rotary mixing method of the KS726-CB Rice Mixer helps the mixing tank to smoothly rotate in various directions making sure the sushi grade rice and sushi vinegar are perfectly combined to make the best possible shari (seasoned sushi rice).

Simply load the rice and vinegar into the mixing barrel,  then press the start button. A buzzer and flashing light alerts you when the cycle is completed.

For easy loading and unloading the tank only has three stop positions, upwards, sidewards or downwards. The internal stirring blade is vertically attached to the mixing barrel lid to prevent interference.

You can select a variety of mixing patterns, combined with fully modifiable timings for stirring, steaming and cooling. Up to 9 programs can be saved in the systems memory. Depending on the chef, 6 different mixing programs and cooling time can be used to create the perfect sushi rice.

Production Capacity

6Kgs of cooked rice at a time


W 98 cm x D 82 cm x H 143 cm
W38,5'' x D32,2'' x H56,2'' inches


120 kg


AC100V 50Hz

Power Consumption


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