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MARUZEN MRW-D7 Rice Washer

The project type water pressure rice washing machine is newly introduced!



Hygienic with a floor height of more than 600 mm!

The height of the receiving monkey on the ground is 660 – 800 mm. It is hygienic by eliminating the height standards specified in the “Manual for the Management of Sanitation of Mass Cooking Facilities” and “Standard for the Management of Sanitation of School Feeding”.

Space saving and easy installation!

Because the outlet pipe is space-saving in design in the upper part of the main unit, the choice of installation location is extensive. In addition, as the rebound of water to the environment is also reduced, the flooring is also small and can be installed in about half the conventional space.

The monkey that receives rice can only climb up to the monkey’s receptor at the top of the main body.
It is effective to work standing upright.

  • Formula for washing rice under pressure from water that sharpens the rice abruptly.
  • Easy operation. Anyone can wash rice quickly.
  • The main body is made of hygienic stainless steel for easy maintenance.


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