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RMG-153 – Rice Cooker – AIHO

The RMG-153 Rice Cooker is a fully automatic, professional rice cooker. It’s cooking capacity is of 7 Kg per draw in just 45 mins. The simple control panel will help you to control exactly how you want your rice cooked by the press of a button. The carbon heaters used in this cooker helps enhance thermal efficiency.



RMG-153 – Rice Cooker

Electric or Gas

The light weight non stick cooking pan helps employees to cut down work effort due to the easy cleaning. This rice cooker can be used by anyone in your staff as long as they have been formed beforehand and they have a minimum of knowledge about cooking sushi rice.

Why Shari Pro RMG-153R is a good investment for a small scale factory environment.

1. Large Capacity of Cooking 7kg of dry rice to cook per pot

Most electric counterparts cook only up to 5 kg.
7kg x 3 tiers = 21kg of dry rice can be cooked at the same time.
With electric counterparts, the maximum capacity is 5kg x 3 tiers = 15kg.

2. No need to rest the cooker to cool down. Shari Pro is robust enough for the continuous use.

Shari Pro is fabricated with a thicker stainless steel sheets with precision welding. Complimented by the well thought through internal design, it is able to control the heat transmission very efficiently. This means the cooker stays cool on the outside to prevent the heat build up in the room, but also it withstands the continuous use of the cooker. Also, unlike the electric counterparts, the control circuit board is well protected from the heat, giving the machine a long life with less problems.

3. Quality of Cooking is second to none

Aiho is the leader in industrial rice cooking equipment in Japan. The design of Shari Pro showcases the years of research work by Aiho’s own product development team. One of the examples is the structure of the heating element that ensure that the gas heat is transmitted to the pot most efficiently. This ensures the optimum use of the energy and cooking.


Electric, Gas

Production Capacity

2-7 Kg x 3 tiers


790 x 690 x 1300 mm

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